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Letter from the HFN Board of Directors

By March 2, 2022General, HFN

Dear Issaquah Highlands Neighbors,

Over the last few months, the Highlands Fiber Network (HFN) Board of Directors has noticed an increase in complaints on social media regarding the quality and reliability of HFN service. We take any complaints and issues very seriously, and we apologize to anyone who has experienced problems with their service. If you or someone you know is experiencing a problem, we ask you to please email HFN customer service or call 425-427-0999 to open a ticket so HFN can track and resolve these problems. Tickets help HFN to more quickly identify any patterns that may indicate a more widespread issue on the network.

The community purchased HFN in October 2013 from the Issaquah Highlands master developer Port Blakely, after an extensive feasibility study by Port Blakely and community representatives to determine how HFN could best serve the community going forward. HFN exists to provide the fastest and most reliable network services to the community. It is a nonprofit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with one full-time general manager that oversees operations and works with our partners, Gigabit Now and Cannon Construction.

As a resident board member, I have relied on HFN to provide my connectivity since moving to Issaquah Highlands in 2003. Over the last two years, HFN has been a critical resource for my family as I have had to work from home with four children attending online school early in the pandemic. As many of us pivoted to remote work and school, HFN strived to proactively upgrade, add capacity, and address any issues as quickly as possible. Speaking for myself and my fellow board members, the decisions we make are always with the community’s best interests in mind. The HFN board continues to welcome any and all feedback from the community. If you are interested in helping to ensure HFN remains a valuable community resource, please consider joining or attending one of our monthly HFN board meetings.

As a reminder, for any open/active issues, please open a ticket with our call center at 425-427-0999 or email For escalations, general questions, or recommendations, please contact HFN General Manager Jeremy Fallt at or call 425-394-4184.

For a more in-depth analysis of the recent network issues, please see the Highlands Fiber Network website.


Charlie Herb
President, HFN Board of Directors, and Issaquah Highlands resident