Public Art

Discover the unique public outdoor artworks around the Issaquah Highlands community

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Issaquah Highlands art utility boxesArtCity of IssaquahConnections
April 12, 2022

Utility Boxes Bring Art to the Streets

If you don't pay close attention as you drive past, you might just miss out on some unique works of…Learn More
Ashland ParkArtGeneral
April 5, 2022

Ashland Park: Milenko Matanovic on Art as Place

This story is part of our "Art in the Wild" series on Issaquah Highlands' public art. Learn more in Spring…Learn More
Understory sculpturesArtConnections
March 30, 2022

“Understory”: The Under Story

In 2001, when Sound Transit selected Nick Lyle and me to be the artists on the Sunset/I-90 project, the city…Learn More
Connections Art in the WildArtCity of IssaquahConnections
March 30, 2022

An Introduction to “Art in the Wild”

The following is an introduction to the Spring 2022 Connections issue, "Art in the Wild: Finding Delight in Issaquah Highlands'…Learn More

Experience the Art in the Wild Adventure

Embark on an exciting journey to explore Issaquah Highlands’ public art using your smartphone. This fun, 10-stop adventure will lead you to solve puzzles while visiting and learning about the public art pieces unique to this community.

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