Tenant Registration

Renting out your Issaquah Highlands home?

Issaquah Highlands homeowners are responsible for ensuring their tenants comply with the Issaquah Highlands Community Association’s (IHCA) Use Restrictions and Rules, and are liable for any fines.

Rules related to renting homes in Issaquah Highlands include:

Commune and Rooming House

A Unit shall be used as a single housekeeping unit as opposed to persons occupying separate rooms or apartments within the Unit or occupying the Unit in a communal-type arrangement, with or without fee or rent.

Leasing of Units

“Leasing,” for purposes of this Paragraph, is defined as regular, exclusive occupancy of a Unit by any person, other than the Owner, for which the Owner receives any consideration or benefit, including, but not limited to, a fee, service, gratuity, or payment. The Board requires a minimum lease term of six (6) months. Notice of any lease, including tenant contact information, together with such additional information shall be given to the managing agent by the Unit Owner within 10 days of execution of the lease. The Owner must make available to the lessee copies of the Declaration, Bylaws, Community-Wide Standards, and these Use Restrictions and Rules.

Read the complete Use Restrictions and Rules


A Unit may not be used for operation of a timesharing, fraction-sharing, or similar program, such as short-term leases less than six (6) months. The restriction in this paragraph includes but is not limited to, online services such as Airbnb, VRBO, and other short-term rental agreements.

Tenant Registration Form

By providing tenant registration information, owners confirm tenants are aware of and agree to comply with the Use Restrictions and Rules.

Please send completed forms by email or by mail to 2520 NE Park Drive, Suite B, Issaquah, WA 98029.