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Volunteers of the Month – Victoria & Noelle Lasch

Volunteers of the Month – Victoria & Noelle Lasch

In July a call went out for volunteers to help the IHCA with their Ashland Park renovation and assist with refurbishing the tall centerpiece pole for the park. The first to answer the call were sisters, Victoria and Noelle Lasch. We would like to formally thank the duo by featuring them as our Volunteers of the Month.VOM Lasch sisters Sept 2016

The Lasch family moved to Issaquah Highlands from the Bay Area in July of 2014 and have sincerely enjoyed living in this vibrant community and the girls jumped at the chance to help out with this project.  In July a crane removed the tall pole from its base and laid it down on logs so the task of sanding and re-staining could begin. The project took approximately four days over a week and a half’s time, with the final result looking absolutely amazing!

VOM Lasch Victoria Sept 2016Victoria, the older of the two sisters, will be a Junior at Issaquah High this fall. She is very active in the Girl Scouts of America. After already achieving her Silver Award, Victoria will be seeking her Gold Award in the near future, hopefully by spearheading a volunteer project here in Issaquah Highlands. This award is the equivalent of the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout award. Only about 200 per year are earned nationally. Victoria is also on the cross-country team at Issaquah High School.

When asked why she volunteered for this project, Victoria commented, “I love to volunteer for myself and the community. Through volunteering I gain a sense of achievement when my actions benefit more than just myself. I can help others and feel good while I do it. Volunteering is also another good way to get involved in the community.”

The younger of the sisters, Noelle, will be a Freshman at Issaquah High this year. She is looking forward to continuing her participation on the Issaquah School District Lacrosse team. Noelle also plays the flute in band.VOM Lasch Noelle Sept 2016

Like her sister, Noelle has a wonderful sense of community as illustrated in her comment, “I really like doing community service because I enjoy helping people. Plus, you get to meet new people and have a great time together. It’s a fun way to give back to your community!”

We look forward to seeing these two exceptional sisters at many more volunteer events in the Highlands! Thanks, girls!!