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Village Green Park Landscape Update

By May 6, 2019IHCA, Parks
Village Green Park Landscape

Starting on Wednesday, May 8, the IHCA landscaping department will begin a landscaping project at Village Green Park.

Landscape planter beds will be added along the perimeter edges of the park. Also as part of this project, portions of sod will be replaced in preparation for the new plantings. Once planting is completed, a layer of bark will be added in an effort to control weeds and enhance the look of the new landscaping. This project is taking place in large part due to the Sycamore trees roots causing extensive turf damage. Replacing some of the park’s sod with planter beds will eliminate the rough and uneven turf. This will make the park safer and more aesthetically attractive as well. The new planter beds will be installed as close to the fence line as possible so as to have the least amount of impact to the park’s open space areas.

During this project, there will be limited parking around the park. This is so the IHCA landscaping team can move heavy soil and other materials into the park. Signage reminding residents of the lack of parking will be placed out at least 48 hours in advance. We hope to have this project completed no later than Friday, May 17.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the IHCA management office at 425-427-9257.

Below is a map of Village Green Park with the proposed landscape changes for reference.

Village Green Park Project Map