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Small Steps to Improve the Online Learning Experience

See the Dragonflies

It’s been quite an experience for all of us as we navigate the world of online learning. As someone who works in the Issaquah School District while supporting my own son who attends Grand Ridge Elementary, I have a unique perspective on distance learning. I learn something new each day as we ride this emotional roller coaster. Based on what I’ve learned, here are some tips to help you successfully kick-off 2021 distance learning.

Have clear expectations and a routine.
What do you find yourself saying over and over again? Create a checklist and laminate it or use a whiteboard, then you can just point to the board. My son has power and control over when he wants to complete tasks and I don’t have to nag him every day about which tasks need to be completed.

Slow your pace.
Recent experience has shown tasks are taking two or three times longer to complete, forcing us to prioritize, let things go, and focus on the essentials.

Build-in time away from screens.
I find I need to encourage my son to step away from the computer and go outside for some fresh air. He is my “accountabili-buddy.” We take movement breaks together. We do jumping jacks or have a dance party in between Zoom/class calls; those are some of my favorite moments.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your school or teachers for help.
Every single child is unique, and what works one day may not work the next day, but we will keep trying. We believe in our students and we believe in the partnerships we have with our parents and community.

– Stacy Cho, Principal, Beaver Lake Middle School, and Issaquah Highlands Resident

Photo by Jonah Foss. 

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