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Photo Treasure Hunt November 2016

Issaquah Highlands Photo Treasure Hunt

Every month we publish a photo clue of something (or somewhere!) in the Highlands. While some months may be easier than others, all photos are of something accessible to the public. It is up to you to guess where the photo was taken!

The clue published in October 2016 Connections news.

The clue published in October 2016 Connections news.

Last month’s photo (above) was of the “Shadowmaker” sculpture in Central Park. Located in the traffic circle that leads to the lower soccer fields, the art was created by Michael Sweeney.

This kinetic sculpture is installed on the traffic island within Central Park, establishing a focal point for the park, which is visible from the entrance. As the viewer approaches the sculpture, the rectangular opening of the piece provides a framed vista drawing the eye through the sculpture to the view beyond. The sculpture is fabricated from quarter-inch steel plates and measures 9’ high 9’ wide x 18” deep. The base is designed in a circular format that bolts to an industrial-sized bearing system that functions as a Lazy Susan. [From]


Correct guesses were submitted by:

Michele L. Arnold
Doreen Kolenc
Ann Taylor
Nicole Pond
Ranee Munaim
Lili Young
Heather Krabbe
Kristen Dayley

Thanks to everyone who participated!

This month’s photo is below. Can you identify the location in this picture?


This month’s clue. Guess the location of this by November 10th and be entered to win!

Deadline: November 10th

If you think you have the answer, please email it to  along with your full name. Please be as specific as possible when emailing your response. Responses will be accepted until November 10th. Those with the correct answer will see their name published in next month’s issue of Connections, as well as have their name entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Caffé Ladro. The drawing will happen once a year in December. Everyone who responds with a correct guess will be entered to win. Every correct guess is another entry – so you can enter 12 times a year.