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New Student Intern: Deon Lillo

By Christy Garrard, Highlands Council, Executive Director

Highlands Council has always supported the leadership development of resident youth in our community. In fact, our Covenant for Community governing document requires that Highlands Council provides the youth of Issaquah Highlands a “voice,” and “sense of belonging.”  These opportunities range from volunteer assignments at community events to supporting students who seek to start their own community club. In recent years we have established the very successful Highlands Youth Advisory Board, best known by resident teens as The HY. Before the HY was established Highlands Council employed resident teens in internship roles to support administrative tasks in our office.

Former interns who went on to do amazing things include Isabella Sun (2007-08), Kiran Jassal (2008-10), Keith Luu (2010-2012) and Vyvian Luu (2012-2014).  Vyvian was the first student intern to transition into a staff position.  Vyvian is Highlands Council’s current Graphic Designer and Communications Assistant.

This summer Highlands Council has reinstated the student internship position and selected Deon Lillo from The HY for the role. Deon will be a junior this fall at Issaquah High School. Deon and his family moved to Issaquah Highlands when he was in first grade. He attended Grand Ridge Elementary. Deon was president of the ASB at PCMS. Deon has been on the swim team and cross country team at I.H.S. and a member of the Honor Society. He joined The HY in 2015 and made an immediate impact as a leader with a welcoming spirit and million-dollar smile. He is creative and his peers know they can count on him to do his part when planning HY events. Deon reports to Blakely Hall’s Marketing Manager and Special Event Consultant, Brianna Eigner; providing administrative support at the front desk inside the community center.

“I really want to help make the Issaquah Highlands a much better place; where everybody of all ages can have fun together and feel accepted.”  Deon Lillo