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IHCA Open Space Work Update

We have recently received several inquiries about status of the Issaquah Highland Community Association (IHCA) annual open space maintenance. Rest assured we are in the process of systematically working through all the community’s open spaces. This year we have had several delays due to mechanical issues and the rainy weather, so unfortunately, we are running a few weeks behind our normal schedule.

The goat herds are here working some of our hillsides/steep slopes. Where the goats do not work specialized machines are required to limit manual labor and reduced safety risk to our crews. The IHCA purchased a hillside mower which is now an essential piece of equipment and has enabled us to service the open spaces safely and more efficiently. The slopes however need to be drier than this year’s weather conditions have allowed, causing delays.

The protocol for maintaining the grassy open spaces is to mow and then follow up with limited manual trimming where it is safe for the IHCA crews to work. You may see the mowers, but we are not done there. It is typical for the crews to come through a few days later to finish the job.

In the meantime, enjoy the goats (currently on the slope behind the YWCA) and feel free to contact the IHCA team is you have any questions or concerns.

And don’t forget: You can follow the goats on the Issaquah Highlands Facebook page to find the current location of the goats as they move about the community during the month of July.

Enjoy, have a wonderful summer and be well.

Sarah Hoey, IHCA Executive Director