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IHCA BOD 2018 Election Timeline

By March 1, 2018Front Page, IHCA

IHCA Board of Directors 2018 Elections Timeline

Note: This information updates the timeline published in March 2018 Connections News. 

The Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) Board of Directors elects directors every year, even districts in the even years. Here is the timeline for 2018.

Board Districts 2, 4, and 6 – Revised 3/1/2018

o March 28,2018: Board appoints nominating committee chair vote for opening and closing dates for election, Notice of Election (NOE)

o March 30,2018: Mail Notice of election process – Call for candidates – Statements of Interest Form

o April 1- 25,2018 : Open period for return of statement of interest forms

o May 2018: Nominating committee reviews returned statements of interest, Conducts interviews as necessary with candidates

o May 23, 2018: Nomination committee presents slate of candidates for approval at Board Meeting.

o Starting June, 2018

o Mail Ballots: Mail ballots to residents in Board Districts #2, #4, and #6, with annual billing statements.

Note: 10 days period must be given for the candidate appeal process. If no appeal is presented, slate of candidates is approved.

o June 25, 2018 Election close date. Tally votes

o June 27, 2018: Annual meeting at IHCA office 1011 High street suite 210: Election results presented to the public.

Issaquah Highlands Board District Map 2017