Carnivores Adventure

An Exciting Issaquah Highlands Scavenger Hunt

Highlands Council partnered with the Woodland Park Zoo’s Carnivore Coexistence Action Team to develop a fun, 12-stop adventure called “Crossing Paths with Carnivores” that will lead you to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete adventures one location at a time.

The journey highlights interesting locations in Issaquah Highlands while providing players with information about local carnivores and tips on what you can do to keep your family safe when unexpected encounters occur.

How to Play:

  • Download the Geocaching Adventure Lab app by Groundspeak, Inc. The app will prompt you to create a account to log in and play. The “Crossing Paths with Carnivores Adventure” will appear in the app as a nearby adventure.
  • Visit the 12 scavenger hunt adventure locations at your own pace. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to walk the entire route, but you can also ride a bike or scooter.
  • We recommend starting your scavenger hunt adventure at the Grand Ridge Trailhead, just a few steps onto the trail at the southern end of South Pond in Central Park. Parking is available near the Vista Trailhead (along Northeast Park Drive) or in Central Park.
  • Follow the map in the app from stop-to-stop, solving puzzles and learning facts along the way. Have fun!
Akshadha scavenger hunt

Want to Learn More?

Issaquah Highlands resident, Akshadha Seshamani, wrote about her scavenger hunt experience in “Crossing Path with Carnivores: Finding Hidden Gems in Issaquah Highlands.”

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