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Welcome CitySurf, John and Trisha Hoss

Social media is all a-buzz about CitySurf™, the latest addition to Issaquah Highlands. The sign went up on Block 20 (behind Marshalls, on 10th Ave NE) Wednesday, when John and Trisha Hoss and partner Kyle Clayhold’s company, Bombora Global LLC, removed their buyer’s contingency on the lot. With that, Trisha and John jumped in with both feet for what is sure to be the ride of their lives. They plan to break ground on an indoor surfing facility this summer. Trisha is the CEO of Bombora Global LLC; John is the chief wavemaker and the designer of the facility.

Ground breaking this summer, Trisha and John Hoss (Bombora Global) are excited to create CitySurf in Issaquah Highlands, an indoor deep water surfing facility (aka “surfpark”). John designed the wave and facility, the first of its kind in the US.

The Hoss’s spent over a year searching for the perfect location for their one-of-a-kind facility, and found it in their backyard. The Hoss’s are 20-year residents of Brookshire, located up the hill near Issaquah Pine Lake Road. Their son Alex can sometimes be spotted at the Issaquah Highlands Minecraft Club at Blakely Hall.

John and Trisha bring their devotion to water recreation to this endeavor. They love boating, wake boarding, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and fishing. Funny thing, they are not surfers! But on a trip through Europe with Alex, about 2 ½ years ago, they learned about deep water indoor surfing and were convinced it would be a hit here. If the enthusiasm expressed on social media this week is any indicator, they are right.

CitySurf™ will be a 9,900 square foot facility with an indoor wave taking up most of the building. The wave will be visible to passers-by when big garage doors along Falls Drive are open. A small part of the facility will be a “farm-to-table, chef-driven, fast-casual” restaurant featuring healthy options. Chef Jason Stoneburner, a passionate surfer, plans to even grow some of his produce on-site. They also plan to run a surf shop.

The facility will be much smaller than was intended for the 1.24 acre lot, locally referred to as Block 20, which has 90,000 square feet of “entitlement” (see February 2017 Connections for definition).  It will sit on the northern end of the lot, with the main entrance at the corner of Falls Drive and 10 Ave NE. The southern portion of the property will provide 60-65 on-site parking stalls.

The building design will follow the Traditional Townscape Neighborhood design required in the High Streets area. Architectural detail and embellishments along with landscaping are all regulated through the Issaquah Highlands guidelines. (See again, February 2017 Connections)

Welcome, John and Trisha! May your wave break just the way you like it.


CitySurf, from Falls Drive. The wave “action” will be visible to passers by.


CitySurf preliminary designs, as submitted to the City of Issaquah. Most of the southern portion of the property will be surface parking.



Alex Hoss, middle, with his surf buddies, Gage & Ava Uhlisch, can’t wait for CitySurf to open.