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W-ink! A New Art Exhibit at Blakely Hall

By Susie Sharp, The Brownstones

Blakely Hall Art Gallery
Issaquah Highlands
2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah
artEAST presents W-ink!
A show featuring ink work from four member artists
Open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm
Show runs through September 6th

Last Wednesday, I attended the artEAST reception for the artists of the new show at Blakely Hall in Issaquah Highlands called W-ink!  Four ink artists used simple media – soot, plant and wood – bringing the ancient tradition of ink work a fresh contemporary look. The artists are: Tina Albro, Karen Dedrickson, Lowell Poisson and Grace Schlitt.

Karen Dedrickson’s Mojo bird in ‘Belly on Fire’, on display at Blakely Hall.

I met two of these artists at the reception, which was rather fun!

Karen Dedrickson has been an artist for 30 years, and has worked with the ink medium for 10 years. She explained the delicate process using xuan paper and a single brush! I was intrigued by her bird portraits – the primary character being her Mojo bird as shown in ‘Belly on Fire’. I was curious to know how long he takes to paint and she kindly showed me a video – approximately 30 seconds!

I learned that Karen will be providing live demonstrations at Highlands Day on August 26th. That will be fascinating!

Lowell Poisson is a young artist who is relatively new to the art form of using ink and paper. His landscapes of Snoqualmie Pass and Paradise are impressive.

I was glad that I took the opportunity to attend, enjoying the good fortune of meeting artists as they introduce their work to the community.

artEAST brings new shows to Blakely Hall every 60-90 days.