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Treasures on the Trail (Self-Guided Walking Tour)

By April 26, 2018Connections
Treasures on the Trail Issaquah Highlands Connections

While Issaquah Highlands has almost 10 miles of trails, there are also many, many more miles of sidewalks. Use the map below to explore our beautiful, walkable community with fresh eyes (and feet).

 Walk Through 20 Years of Highlands History

When Issaquah Highlands was laid out over 20 years ago, the pedestrian experience was a priority. It was emphasized through traditional neighborhood design and “a plan that encourages walking.” The streets were planned as the primary pedestrian circuit with sidewalks on every street. Think back to the suburbs of the 1990s – sidewalks were few and far between then.

While sidewalks can get you almost anywhere in the Highlands, there are also many trails connecting sidewalks. Both work together to connect neighborhoods and bring us to many interesting sights along the way. Below are a few that give us a glimpse into Issaquah Highlands’ history.

We chose these “historic” sights to tell the Highlands story, a story that is grounded in preserving open space and parks, one that values the environment and sustainability, a story that is innovative and artful.

Let’s go on a Highlands Hike and discover Issaquah Highlands’ history!

 Discover Community Treasures, Big and Small

Be inspired to explore Issaquah Highlands with Photo Treasure Hunt

by Chelsea Musick, Connections volunteer contributor and Issaquah Highlands resident

Chelsea MusickTwo years ago, I walked by the little weather station near Grand Ridge Elementary. It’s a small thing, hidden back from the road, and most people may not realize what it is. I looked at it and wondered how many people noticed it as they passed by. That got me thinking – big or small, there are so many “treasures” scattered throughout the Highlands that we may not notice (or even know about). My goal is to find them and share them the community.

The Photo Treasure Hunt has been a great motivation to me to get out and explore the neighborhood. I hope it has motivated you, too. Look around. If you see something interesting, remember the location – it will eventually make its way into the Photo Treasure Hunt!

How it works:

  • Examine the photo clues on the map to reveal the general location of the clue.
  • Walk or bike to each clue location. Can you identify the community “treasure” in each photo clue?
  • See the current issue of Connections for the current Photo Treasure Hunt clue. For monthly hunts, submit your guess of the photo location by email. Guess correctly and you’ll see your name printed in the following issue of Connections and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to an Issaquah Highlands restaurant.

As published in May 2018 Connections
Pick up a printed copy of Connections for a pull-out version of the map above.