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Snow Removal: Know Your Responsibility

by Matthew Hendrikse, IHCA Maintenance Manager

We all enjoy the wonder of snowfall and the fun family activities that follow in Issaquah Highlands. But did you know it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear your sidewalk and driveway of snow, ice and other debris? As the property owner you could be held liable for injury if someone slips and falls on un-cleared snow, ice, or other slipping hazards such as leaves and branches.

Helpful Tips:

  • Buy de-icer and a proper snow shovel before the forecast calls for snow to avoid product and tools being sold out after a storm has been announced.
  • Clear snow as soon as possible after a storm for a faster clean up. If you wait until foot traffic compacts the snow and it turns into ice, a 15-minute task can become a several-hour-project.
  • Clear a 3 feet wide path to allow for safe pedestrian travel.

Many people walk to school, work and to the Park & Ride or just get outside to enjoy the exercise. Help keep our neighbors safe by doing your part and limit the risk and liability from someone falling on your property.

Check road conditions at 25th And Park Drive via the webcam provided by Highlands Fiber Network (HFN):

For information from “snow routes” in the City of Issaquah see:

This story was originally published in Connections News, December 2018