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Living Green Challenge

By May 16, 2020Connections

Finding Small Ways to Make a Difference

This month, I want share something with you and I want to challenge you!

I started my “living green” journey with my family over two years ago and got great results so far. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my boundaries, and about what can make a big difference. I also failed more than once and found ways to become flexible in my choices and never give up. I quickly understood that living a greener life is all about your mindset.

First, you must be aware of where you are currently. Then, you define what you want to achieve and commit to it. I learned you don’t need to aim too big and too high but rather implement small and simple changes in your life to achieve great results and have an impact. Like in my hummingbird story (see the April 2019 issue of Connections), your small contribution will make a difference.

Don’t know where to start? Let me help you with a community challenge.

Wherever you are in your living green journey, this challenge is for everyone. Invite a friend to join you; it will be instructive, open-minded, and fun.

The challenge is 30 days long with daily small missions. Go over the missions below and pick one every morning that fits your day (for example, you might want to save the DIY for a weekend with your family). At the end of the challenge, take time to reflect on what you learned and what can become a new habit.

Download and print the 30-day mission checklist here >> 

Living Green Challenge

As published in May 2020 Connections >>

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