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Keep, Donate, Discard

By December 20, 2018Connections

Prepare this year for next!

by Johnna Masterson, Central Park Resident and Owner of Inspired and Organized

Happy Holidays! This season is one of my favorites. I love the crisp, fresh air, the joy on people’s faces, and all of the community decorations, especially the lights along Park Drive, the tree and Santa’s house in Grand Ridge Plaza, and of course the giant tree at Village Green.

And many of us decorate our own homes with the holiday spirit as well. While the end result is beautiful and festive, the process can be a little stressful. Ten months out of the year, our garages and closets store holiday décor: ceramic and glass trees and candy canes, countless light strands and boxes of ornaments, and a few different wreaths to grace our front doors. And when January finds us a bit overwhelmed, they get shoved back in the boxes and bins and forgotten about until next year. Then you find things are missing, tangled, broken, or not even in working order. This year when you decorate, I want you to take a few extra minutes to go through your decorations with a different mindset.

Make three piles – Keep, Donate and Discard. Keep the items that bring you joy – the things that elicit a smile and possibly even a memory. Donate the items that you have outgrown or that no longer fit in. And discard anything that is broken, not working, or that you think has seen better days. If it’s a keepsake beyond repair, take a photo and save that instead. Only keep things that you will use and that truly bring you happiness. Not only will you simplify next year, but you will reclaim some of that rare Highlands storage space.

What about gift giving? Gift giving is a wonderful way to show our love, appreciation and gratitude. But instead of shopping through long lists, this year reduce the stress (and expense) by focusing on thoughtful items and experiences. Not only does that leave our homes less cluttered, but it also builds stronger connections. When deciding what to give your loved ones, ask yourself what you want them to feel when they open it. While you may end up buying fewer gifts, you will find that the benefit to both the giver and receiver is much more.

Enjoy this holiday season with less stress, more mindfulness and more prepared for next year!

As published in December 2018 Connections


Traveling during the holidays?
Here are a few packing tips:

  • Choose a neutral palette for your clothes to make sure they all mix and match
  • Only bring travel sized toiletries, and pack them in a Ziploc bag to ensure they don’t leak
  • Instead of packing your heavy or large items, wear them on the plane! Save that valuable space in your carry on.
  • Roll your clothing. When you do this, it takes up less space and helps with wrinkles too!
  • Use a small zippered bag within your carry on to access flight essentials easily.
  • And use a packing checklist. It keeps you organized and ensures you won’t forget anything