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IHCA Winter Snow Removal Service: Expectations

Issaquah Highlands Snowy Streets


Stay Warm, stay Informed, stay Safe and have reasonable Expectations (WISE). There are 484 acres and over 4,000 homes of serviceable snow removal areas in the Issaquah Highlands community. During a large snow event the City of Issaquah and the IHCA rely on heavy equipment and snow removal protocols to prioritizes and implement an effective snow removal process. Snow service will be provided but it may be delayed during a large event. Here are a few of the snow removal expectations for the Issaquah Highlands community and your home.

Issaquah Highlands

Issaquah Highlands logo

Communication from the IHCA:

The IHCA will communicate with the community during a snow event through the official Issaquah Highlands social media pages, website, and e-blast announcements.  Look for our logo (see image).

City of Issaquah snow response in Issaquah Highlands:

Plowing of all public city streets within Issaquah Highlands boundaries is completed by the City of Issaquah Public Works department in the following order of priority (see map below for priority routes).

City of Issaquah Snow Routes are found online here.

IHCA responsibilities for snow removal:

The IHCA is responsible for all non-City of Issaquah public roads within the community. See map below for which roads will be plowed first.

Owners responsibility during a snow event:

Per the City of Issaquah snow sidewalk rule; “it’s the responsibility of the abutting property owner to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice.”  By keeping your sidewalks clear you are ensuring your family and your neighbors can safely walk throughout the community. In addition, we ask that you prepare your landscaping for the winter season by trimming back all landscaping off of public easements.

Important: Services maybe delayed in your area depending on the snow accumulation, temperatures and access to the community during the snow event. Please prepare your home with ice melt and a shovel until we are able to safely service your area. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

As published in December 2019 Connections. Photo by Julie Clegg.


City of Issaquah Winter weather tips

IHCA after-hours emergency phone: 425-223-8887  

Issaquah Police Department: Non- emergency 425-837-3000, Emergency 911

Puget Sound Energy’s Outage Map

Park Drive Live Web Cam

City of Issaquah Live Web Cams