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IHCA Snow Event Announcement

By February 12, 2021City of Issaquah, IHCA
IHCA Snow Alert

Ready for the snow? Meteorologists predict a snow event will likely occur this weekend, with accumulation between 4-12 inches. It could be very serious. If things go as predicted, the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) will start servicing the community in the early morning and the city of Issaquah will begin plowing city streets, plowing Priority 1 routes first.

If possible, we encourage residents to park in their driveways and garages to make way for snow removal vehicles. Driving a plow through our community’s small alleys and narrow roads can be very dangerous. As road conditions worsen, snow removal gets even trickier. Everyone can help keep these areas clear so the IHCA and the city of Issaquah can maintain the streets safely and do so more efficiently in safer driving conditions. Please refer to our snow maps or those posted on the city of Issaquah website.

During large snow events, we may not be able to offer hand-shoveling services for supplemental neighborhoods as we concentrate on roadways first.

For single-family homes, residents are responsible for shoveling the stretch of public sidewalk in front of their homes. By shoveling the sidewalk, you do your part to keep our community safe and walkable.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes access to the hospital a number one priority. We want to make roadways and walkways as safe as possible for the entire community and we appreciate your assistance in working together.

Thanks again. Stay safe and be well,

— The IHCA Team