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IHCA Board Member Spotlight

By August 8, 2016August 11th, 2016Connections, Front Page

IHCA Board of Directors’ Jim Young continues as Board President. The Board is made up of volunteer homeowners.

Following the annual meeting, here is the new Issaquah Highlands Board Roster:

Jim Young – President
Rossie Cruz – Vice President
Walt Bailey – Secretary
Dan Vradenburg – Treasurer
Jim Noel – Member
Ellina Charipova – Member
Rob Knight – Member

Please welcome two new members and one returning member this year:

Rossie Cruz, District 3 A community member for nearly 12 years, Rossie was recently appointed to the Board of Directors to fill the open seat for District 3. Like her peers, her goal is to make this community, the best community. She hopes to help make sure that all new and future retail and commercial tenants follow the “Green Living” posture that makes the Issaquah Highlands so renowned.

Jim Noel, District 4 Jim is a newer homeowner who ran for office on the Board to make a positive impact in this wonderful community he’s called home for the last two years. He has served on many Boards in the past and has advanced knowledge of organizational governance and hopes to continue that tradition by sharing and demonstrating that experience as a member of the Board of Directors.

Walt Bailey, District 6 Walt won re-election this year for District 6. He’s lived here for 17 years and has really experienced the growth of Issaquah Highlands. Not only does he currently serve on the Board, he’s also a liaison for the Architecture Review Committee (ARC). Walt will remain a very valuable part of the Board of Directors and the community.