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Hot days are HERE ….We are in this together!

By June 23, 2015July 2nd, 2015Front Page, Uncategorized

150629_wenatchee_fire_103Dateline, July 2, 2015, Wenatchee, KOMONews4, re: June 29th wildfire: “Chelan County sheriff’s spokesman said the fire was likely human-caused. Investigators have ruled out any natural causes, such as lightning. They’re still looking into whether the fire was set on purpose or by accident… 29 homes were destroyed …”

As we head into the hottest part of the summer, irrigation issues and fire hazards are commonplace. Our IHCA landscape team works around the clock to make sure things are functioning properly in our community which encompasses over 2200 total acres. Please do not hesitate to contact the IHCA team to report irrigation issues, dry grass or dead vegetation.

Properly managed dormant grass only needs about ½ of the regular watering every 2-3 weeks instead of what it usually receives during the summer months. This is something occasional rainfall will take care of and something you can do yourself.  This is crucial as it helps maintain our water reserves—which becomes vital in emergency situations.

While dormant grass is permitted in the Issaquah Highlands, dead grass can be an extreme fire hazard; one lit cigarette thrown out a car window can be enough to start a fire.  Help us identify hazardous areas of dead vegetation and grass. Even though our crews are on site daily we may not be in the affected area on the day a problem is spotted.

The IHCA team appreciates your support with the ongoing effort to call Issaquah Highlands a great place to live. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.   Please contact IHCA to report any irrigation, landscaping or fire concerns at 425-427-9257. We’re in this together!

Sarah Hoey – IHCA Executive Director

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