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December Volunteer of the Month: Zach Hall

By December 15, 2021December 31st, 2021General, Highlands Council

When did you move to Issaquah Highlands, and from where? 
I moved to the Issaquah Highlands in early 2020 after growing up in the South Cove neighborhood on Lake Sammamish. I’m really enjoying the Vista Park neighborhood so far!

What do you like best about living in Issaquah Highlands?
For me, living in Issaquah Highlands is all about connections – connections to great food and dining, to fun walking trails and open space, to engaging community events and programming, and so much more. I feel so blessed to live in such a connected community.

Tell us about your family.
We’re a Washington family through and through; we’re a house divided (two University of Washington grads and a Washington State University grad), and we come together to celebrate the holidays and the little things. My younger sister’s an aspiring artist and a talented storyteller. I have two brothers who love the outdoors and Seattle sports. When they’re not traveling, my parents enjoy retired life in Issaquah. And my partner, Tyler, and I spend our free time playing tennis and going to the theatre.

Zach (left) with his partner, Tyler, at one of this summer’s Global Grub & Groove events.

Zach (front row, right) with his family. 

How did you become involved as a volunteer in Issaquah Highlands?
I’ve always been so impressed with the community programming up here in Issaquah Highlands. Highlands Day, candidate forums, neighborhood block parties, cultural gatherings – the people who bring these events to life are so inclusive and good-hearted and passionate about community building; I just knew I had to be a part of it all. Soon after my move to Issaquah Highlands, I reached out to Highlands Council to learn more about getting involved. I quickly learned there were tons of volunteer opportunities in Issaquah Highlands, even if your time was limited. In the summer of 2020, I joined the Highlands Council Board of Trustees, and I’ve been so fortunate to give back in this way.

Tell us about your experience as a volunteer member of the HC Board of Trustees?
It’s been a very rewarding experience for me. Since joining the board, I’ve spent most of my time learning how the various Issaquah Highlands organizations come together to support our community. I worked with Highlands Council staff and the other trustees to meet emerging community needs throughout the COVID-19 crisis while getting to know some incredible neighbors and community builders along the way. Some of my favorite memories of 2021 were volunteering with Highlands Council, like participating in the Issaquah Highlands rebranding effort and hosting a webinar for Issaquah Highlands youth interested in civic engagement.

What advice would you give to your neighbors about volunteering in the IH?
We all live incredibly busy, often-times anxious lives. Trust me, I’m right there with you. But volunteering isn’t something we should find time for; it’s something we should make time for. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to show up at the perfect time. Even just an hour here and there is an amazing gift. Thankfully, Issaquah Highlands makes it easy to get involved. If you’re interested in the community-building mission of Highlands Council, check out the Issaquah Highlands website to find tons of opportunities to volunteer locally.

Zach Hall is an Issaquah city council member, vice president of the Highlands Council Board of Trustees, and a Vista Park resident. 

Are you inspired to get involved in the Issaquah Highlands community?
Opportunities are available!

Click here to discover all the different ways you can get involved in our Issaquah Highlands community, including opportunities to join boards and committees, as well as urgent needs at local nonprofits.

Questions? Contact Lindsey Pinkston, Highlands Council Program Manager.