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CitySurf Adds a Permit to Their Quiver

CitySurf (Bombora Global LLC) announced on October 9, 2017 that the City of Issaquah issued an Administrative Site Development Permit for construction of CitySurf, their concept for a deep-water urban surf park to be located in Issaquah Highlands. The plan consists of a 10,180 sq. ft. facility at the corner of 10th Ave NE and Falls Drive featuring a wave pool and a modern-concept restaurant, providing a new lifestyle brand of entertainment. The main features are:

The Rogue Wave™:  A patent-pending machine with high-efficiency, electric pumps that move 240,000 gallons of water per minute, forming a deep-water, standing-wave with a 32-foot-wide sweet spot.  The wave is designed for surfing (with a real surfboard) or other wave sports like boogie boarding, bodysurfing and river kayaking.

Fast-Casual Restaurant & Bar:  Chef-crafted food & beverages ordered at a counter and delivered to your table. Chef Jason Stoneburner, who visited us at Highlands Day this year, is their culinary partner.

Board Shop: Retail area will offer action-sports gear and clothing.

Other Stuff:  Party rooms, mezzanine levels and outdoor patio with fireplace, to host parties for kids and adults, camps, yoga, concerts, films and more.

To date, the owners (which include John and Trisha Hoss of Sammamish) have

John and Trisha Hoss riding a wave at Highlands Day 2017

completed a seed-round of investments to secure the land, obtain a patent-pending for the technology, begin structural and architectural plans, and acquired their site permit.  They believe the timing to enter an experiential market, coupled with the Olympic debut of surfing in 2020 is opportune.  With permit in hand, they are exploring all combinations of debt and equity solutions to raise 5-million dollars in capital to build CitySurf and make waves in 2018.  For more information, check out CitySurf’s Facebook page