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Christy Garrard Awarded the 2022 Community Builder Award

By April 1, 2022April 7th, 2022General, Highlands Council
Highlands Council Community Builder Award

The Issaquah Highlands Community Builder Award recognizes a resident or community partner who exemplifies the mission of Highlands Council to foster the development of a vibrant and caring community committed to service, diversity, stewardship, and well-being. Highlands Council bestows this award to commemorate a significant milestone in service or partnership.

In 2012, Issaquah Highlands’ master developer Port Blakely created the Community Builder Award to recognize Vicki Stier’s retirement. Vicki was a Port Blakely vice president and served as executive director of both the Issaquah Highlands Community Association and Highlands Council in the community’s early years. Since then, one person led our community-building efforts through recession, growth, and celebration, showing us we are stronger together: Christy Garrard.

Christy Garrard holds award

Christy Garrard received the 2022 Issaquah Highlands Community Builder Award on March 31 in a virtual ceremony sponsored by the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce.

For the past 11 years, Christy served the Issaquah Highlands community as Highlands Council executive director with dedication, passion, and love. Many of you may know Christy from one of her many city committee positions, saw her riding her bike while balancing stacks of books for our Little Free Libraries, or received a welcome from her at Blakely Hall.

While Christy’s contributions to Issaquah Highlands and the greater community are too numerous to count, a few of her most notable achievements include:

  • Establishing the Highlands Youth Advisory Board in 2013, where she mentored middle and high school students to develop lifelong leadership skills;
  • Growing the annual Highlands Day block party to a summer end festival with an attendance of 5,000 people;
  • Founding the Issaquah Highlands Community Fund in 2020, which stewards charitable contributions that enrich lives and address the needs of Issaquah Highlands; and
  • Leading Highlands Council in the community’s recent rebranding project resulting in a fresh new look for the Issaquah Highlands urban village.

About Christy, Highlands Council Trustee David Ngai said, “With her trademark smile and unwavering can-do attitude, [Christy] maintained focus and, over time, grew [Highlands Council] to celebrate community and inclusiveness.”

When I say Christy put her blood, sweat, and tears into building community in Issaquah Highlands, it’s no exaggeration. I am proud to have served with her, and I know, without a doubt, our community is stronger with Christy as part of it.

I am honored to present the Community Builder Award to Christy. Please join me, along with Highlands Council trustees and staff, in celebrating Christy’s legacy at Highlands Council as she transitions from executive director to community volunteer (because we are never letting her truly leave us). We know Christy will continue to have a positive impact on this community. Congratulations, Christy and thank you.

Lindsey Pinkston is the Highlands Council acting director and community program manager and is a Wisteria Park resident. 

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