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Central Park Pad #1 Gets Full Funding

City Council voted unanimously on May 15th to fund all options presented by the Parks Department for the Central Park Pad #1 improvement project. During budget deliberations last year, a phased approached to the project was presented.  The council agreed to fund the base project: conversion to artificial turf, halide field lighting and the conversion of the nearby maintenance yard for temporary parking (in lieu of the new parking lot at this time). Yet, there were several other project features to consider. The Council asked Parks to return in 2017 with “bid alternates” allowing the Council to choose additional project features in an ala carte style.

Many of these project features came from Issaquah Highlands neighbors as they voiced their concerns and interests at multiple public meetings during the project planning. Features with the most demand were safe on-street parking, traffic mitigation at Park Drive, more covered picnic areas, and protection from light pollution for neighborhoods in the Highlands. These items were pursued as “bid alternates” to the base project. (Traffic mitigation at Park Drive is not in the scope of this project.)

On May 9th, the Council’s Services and Safety Committee considered the “bid alternates” and recommended the Council approve of the full project, adding $1,088550 to the project cost. The full project includes:

  • Upgrade to LED lighting
  • Central Park Lane Widening (for wider on-street parking)
  • Additional Picnic Shelter
  • Field Amenities (goals, portable mounds, scoreboard, bike racks, etc.)
  • Mound Seat Walls and Plantings (design element providing open field access and seating)

On May 16th, the full council robustly discussed the options and their costs. Finally, they voted unanimously to fund the complete project including all “bid alternates”.

Construction begins in June 2017 and will continue through the end of the year. Learn more about the project at .

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