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Caring for Our Trails: IHCA

By April 18, 2022Connections, IHCA
Village Green Park Trail bench

In Spring 2022 Connections, we profiled organizations that do critical work to maintain and preserve our trails; this is the second article in this series. Consider how you can do your part to help protect our trails for current and future generations. 

Issaquah Highlands has miles of dedicated trails throughout the community, with different entities collaborating to maintain and preserve these trails for public use. The Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) landscape and maintenance teams work in conjunction with the city and county parks and recreation departments to ensure the trails intersecting our community are free of debris and ready for pedestrian usability.

The IHCA maintains multiple trails throughout the community, including the West Highlands Park loop, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) trail, the Village Green Trail Park trail, among others. The general trail maintenance done by IHCA landscape and maintenance teams includes removing trash, clearing vegetation that may interfere with pathways, and trimming overgrown vegetation.

In January 2022, the IHCA landscape team refurbished the Village Green Trail Park trail to improve the overall aesthetics and navigation of this section of our community. The team worked tirelessly to remove invasive blackberry bushes, replant existing vegetation, add a beautiful lookout point, and some much-needed pathway lighting.

The IHCA is very grateful for our hardworking landscape and maintenance teams for their dedication to our community, including its trails, and appreciate the work and support the city of Issaquah and King County provide. Issaquah Highlands remains a beautiful community thanks to the unwavering support and collaboration from community partners.

Download the Issaquah Highlands Parks & Trails map

Jordan Rousu is the IHCA CARC Coordinator & Administrative Assistant, and an Ashland Park resident.