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2022 IHCA Annual Maintenance Report

As we wrap up another fiscal year, it’s a great time to look back and reflect on some of the projects the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) maintenance team tackled.


This year, we installed approximately 3,500 linear feet (two-thirds of a mile) of fencing, which included areas behind Swedish Hospital, the Bark Park, Vista Gardens and Logan Park.


New fencing wasn’t the only thing to arrive at Logan Park. The park now offers a place for kids to play with the addition of a new
play structure. The team removed the concrete tunnels and replaced them with the new play equipment, purchased by the IHCA. This
project was requested by the homeowners and the IHCA was happy to support it.


Another area on which the IHCA team focused was Magnolia Park. We added a new basketball court, along with the repair of the gazebo structure. This has been a great addition to our community, and our youth are using it almost daily.


Finally, over the past several years, changes to the nearly 300 mailbox structures in the community have been underway. We removed all of the structures around the mailboxes and added tops and bases to many of them. The number to maintain continues to increase as builders continue to develop in the community.

The IHCA maintenance staff wants to thank the community for its support on these 2021-2022 projects, and we especially want to thank the individuals that are part of the IHCA Board!

Matthew Hendrikse is the IHCA maintenance manager. 
As published in Summer 2022 Connections >>